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Thursday, 23 April, 2015
Jean-Vincent Ridon
Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient and The South African Wine Tasting Championships 2015 are proud to announce the launch of the Mosaic Protégé Program aimed at empowering the next generation of world class sommeliers in South Africa.

In a spirit to invest in the future of the industry, Restaurant Mosaic will be teaming with the South African Wine Tasting Championship(SAWTC) to identify an emerging talented wine lover and turn the candidate into one of the best sommeliers of South Africa. 

The goal is to offer a motivated young wine lover the chance to be properly educated in the art of being a sommelier. He or she will be offered a fully paid internship into the most exciting South African Restaurant.

SAWTC will screen the candidates for their natural wine tasting talent. With the support of the South African Sommeliers Association, the best tasters will be interviewed allowing Restaurant Mosaic to select the lucky young professional who will become one of the best Sommelier of Africa.

Chef of the year Chantel Dartnall and the team of Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient are delighted by the possibility to invest in the future and train a motivated individual from a formerly disadvantaged community to have an international future.
Chantel said: “Restaurant Mosaic has always had the philosophy to educate and empower those individuals who are not in the position to further their studies themselves. As a restaurant with a phenomenal cellar we can contribute with regards to training an individual to be part of Team SA and further their training and knowledge.”

The Mosaic bursary for the Protégé will offer the young professionals 3 years at Restaurant Mosaic working alongside famous sommelier Germain Lehodey, gaining an invaluable experience with the most experienced sommelier in South Africa. The Protégé will also receive the necessary formal education required to achieve the best professional knowledge, while gaining the necessary exposure to the industry and the wines in our Mosaic cellar, the most diverse of the African continent with more than 3400 references. 

Last but not least, the Protégé will have a seat in Team South Africa who will fly the South African colours in France at the World Blind Challenge in October 2015. The Protégé will also receive intensive training with the rest of Team South Africa, so we can show the world that South Africa has tasting talents!

This is the third year that South Africa has been selected to participate to the World Blind Challenge organised by French wine magazine, La Revue du Vin de France. Last year 22 countries were involved in the World Championship.

The first candidate selection will take place on the 13th of May 2015 in Sandton, where the first round of the South African Wine Tasting Championships takes place. The Gauteng Provincial Championships forms part of the Juliet Cullinan Wine Festival.

The SAWTC is delighted to have on board again for the 3rd year as a media partner.

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Germain Lehody
Germain Lehody

Team Mosaic 2014
Team Mosaic 2014

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