The WineLand Mini Seminars: Intervitis Interfructa 2011

Friday, 1 July, 2011
With this year's Intervitis Interfructa, knowledge transfer will be the name of the game when the exhibition kicks off at the CTICC on August 2 to 4.
A novelty will be the three daily mini seminars organised by WineLand, where chosen experts will deal with highly topical subjects in short morning sessions. Over the three days of the exhibition, three speakers per day will talk on subjects like "the truth about terroir" and new cultivars from a planting point of view, through to a marketing perspective, as well as looking at some industry regulations surrounding new cultivars such as how to import them into the country.

The seminars will also cover the all important topic of alcohol level control. The three speakers involved will tackle this issue from a cellar perspective, how you deal with it in the vineyard, as well as the legal side of it.

"We didn't want to get any general speakers to talk about these relevant issues," explained Edo Heyns of WineLand. "We wanted to have a different take on things. So we don't have only academic speakers with phenomenal knowledge on the subjects, but also people with hands-on experience in the different fields of the winemaking chain.

"We want to talk on hot topics with people in the midst of these to explain their experiences and give a picture to winemakers and producers on what works and what doesn’t work, how you manage some things and how not to ... and what you should know for this purpose."

Booking for the WineLand Mini Seminars at the WineLand Lounge - in the show hall - is essential. Only 100 seats are available per day. Tickets are R120 a person, but only R300 if you attend all three seminars. Contact Susan Smith on (021) 448-7330, e-mail

WineLand Mini Seminars programme

Tuesday, 2 August 10h00 - 11h30
Topic: "Die beheer van alkohol" (Afrikaans)
Speakers: Charl Theron / Francois Viljoen / Wendy Jonker

Wednesday, 3 August 10h00 - 11h30
Topic: "Nuwe druifsoorte en tendense binne die bedryf" (Afrikaans and English)
Speakers: Eben Sadie / Caroline Rillema / Nico Spreeth

Thursday, 4 August 10h00 - 11h30
Topic: "Terroir: Fact or Fable" (English)
Speakers: Chris Mullineux / Chris Keet / Alain Deloire