Rusticus Pinot Noir 2003 released

Wednesday, 15 September, 2004
Lindi Broughton
After much anticipation, Rusticus Private Cellar has released their 2003 Pinot Noir to the delight of waiting clientele and thirsty fans alike.

Pat Busch of Klaas Voogds West near Robertson produced his maiden vintage in his antique cellar back in 2002.  Since then the Rusticus Private Cellar specializes in natural wines handmade according to traditional methods with the help of vintage winemaking machinery dating back to the 1950's.  

Six red wines were produced in the first year of winemaking but Rusticus Pinot Noir became a flagship almost overnight with most of the stock sold out mere months after release. Guests and locals at the recent Mcgregor Food and Wine Festival were privy to the tasting of the new vintage last Saturday 14th  August 2004. The wine has become a popular choice for many people who visit the Pat Busch Private Nature Reserve where the Rusticus Private Cellar is located. [See  ]

The name 'Rusticus' is an ancient Latin word meaning "of" or "belonging to the land".  It was one of the first Latin phrases Pat Busch studied as a young schoolboy growing up in Frankfurt, Germany.  It is this ancient translation which embodies the Busch Family's inspiration and philosophy to handcraft fine natural wines according to traditional methods.

The Rusticus Portfolio includes the following: - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinotage, Ruby Cabernet and Pinot Noir.  The cellar is open for tasting Tuesday-Saturday between 08h30 - 16h00.  All guests are very welcome to visit, taste the Rusticus wines & by request can participate in a cellar tour to view the antique apparatus and wine making machinery.

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