Corks are best, winemakers say

Thursday, 13 May, 2004
Lynn Bolin - I-Net Bridge
The majority of consumers prefer cork to alternative stoppers
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Leading South African wine producers have reaffirmed their confidence in cork as a quality closure for bottles following trials aimed at reducing the incidence of TCA and the release of results that significantly strengthen cork's role as the wine stopper of choice for quality wine producers in South Africa.

Stellenbosch Vineyards, African Terroir and Pernod Ricard (SA) were amongst the wineries to have been involved in trials by Portugal's leading cork manufacturer, Amorim, to monitor the results of the company's assault on TCA, the innocuous volatile compound found in natural environments that is thought to cause a musty character in products such as wine, water or other beverages.

Amidst a rise in the popularity in South Africa of alternative closures such as screw caps and stoppers made of synthetic materials, that do not cause TCA, in December 2003, Amorim introduced a new cork treatment that aims to eliminate TCA.

- Lynn Bolin

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