3rd International Specialized Conference

Friday, 19 March, 2004
Forum Barcelona 2004
Sustainable Viticulture and Winery Wastes Management - Barcelona, May 24th to 26th

Winery effluents treatment has already been considered before within the two precedent Conferences that took place in France. From the last one, winery wastes treatment and management has been gaining importance at international level. At the same time, legislation – which will also be a topic of the meeting - has evolved significantly during the last years and constitutes a fundamental reference for an optimal environment management.

Within this scenario, the scope of the Conference has been broadened to include all the aspects related to a sustainable viticulture, which considers the whole life cycle of wine, and thus, all the environmental aspects that should be taken into account. Of course the Conference will deal with the classical and relevant subjects such as: winery effluents treatment and disposal, the related field of vinasses and wine-alcohol cleaner production, as well as all the issues linked to an optimal sustainable environment management.

Economical and quality aspects will also be discussed within the meeting.

During the Conference, participants will have the opportunity to meet leading scientists, professionals, expositors and wine producers from all over the world to discuss all aspects of the Conference.

Topics of the Conference
Environment Management
- Concepts of environment management
- Cleaner technologies for wine production
- Integrated ecological production
- Environmental risks
- Wineyard sustainable management
- Quality issues, standarization
- Economic impact of environment management
- Others

Technologies of treatment/disposal/characterization
- Treatment systems: aerobic and anaerobic, physico-chemical.
- Filtration techniques – membranes.
- Combined treatments
- Characteristics of effluents and wastes
- Reutilization (internal / external)
- Effluents desinfection.
- Distillery wastes management
- Sludge management (impact, utilization, treatment, disposal)

A total of 28 oral (plus 14 reserves) and more than 40 poster presentations are included in the program. A period of 25 minutes, including a brief discussion, will be allotted to oral presentations. A poster presentation is scheduled on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th. Proceedings and final publication Symposium proceedings will be available to participants at the conference. A selection of papers will be made by appointed referees for final publication in Water Science and Technology.

The Conference languages will be English, French and Spanish (simultaneous translation will be provided).

Email: winery@angel.qui.ub.es
Website: http://www.winery.ub.es/