Open up and say 'Ah'

Thursday, 11 March, 2004
Andrea Frost
Always stand your ground and follow your own tasting instincts

(With thanks to WineX Magazine)

Even the awkwardness and confusion of puberty doesn't compare with how goofy you feel at your first wine tasting. And fair enough, at least back then you knew when to spit or swallow.

With all its old school tradition, the hounds and hound's tooth jackets, the pomp and etiquette that goes with it, the greatest irony in wine tasting is the spit. And in particular that bucket-thing that is spat into, the spittoon. You know the ones, the festering, swampy buckets that have gargled and spat wine mixed with samples of soggy bread. As if making them silver and adorning them with carvings and pretty detail is going to smarten them up.

For those who want to stand tall and spit far at their next tasting, Andrea Frost explains all.

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