How Ukrainian wineries are trading wine for weapons

Wednesday, 9 March, 2022
The Buyer, L.M. Archer
The only bottling currently underway in Ukrainian wineries is the making of Molotov Cocktails. Work in the vineyards has stopped as winemakers turn their attention to armed resistance to the Russian invasion of their country and delivering humanitarian aid.

L.M.Archer hears from some leading winemakers as well as winemaker associations in Ukraine and how some global consortia and retailers are doing their bit for the Ukrainian cause.

“I would love to tell you more about Ukrainian winemaking, terroirs, grapes, etc., but after our victory!”

“It is war in Ukraine!” says Victoria Agromakova, CEO of Wine and Spirits Ukraine (VIA-Group LLC) 

Russia invaded their country on February 24, 2022. Quickly, Ukrainian winemakers traded wine for weapons.

“We had to retrain in connection with Russia’s invasion of our land,” says Oksana Buyachok, owner of Fathers Wine, located in western Ukraine. “For now we have already made 2,500 Molotov cocktails, the so-called “Bandera smoothie.” We provide our civil protection office, and all those who need such a protective “wine”.”

Additionally, her winery sews pillows and blankets, fabricates metal hedgehogs and streamers, collects humanitarian aid for refugees, and prepares food for conscripts. “We are doing, and will do everything necessary, to win our country!” says Buyachok.

She isn’t alone. “I know no one now who didn’t take part in the fight against Russia,” confirms Agromakova. “As well, I don’t know anyone who works at [a] winery at the moment, because now in wartime there are completely different needs. Now winemakers are bottling not wine, but gasoline for Molotov Cocktails to protect their land from Russian troops.”

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Arsen Fedosenko
Arsen Fedosenko

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