B2C and B2B Digital Marketing Workshop presented by Gosia Young & Kristen Duff.

Tuesday, 4 May, 2021
Melanie Melvill
Welcome to the new era of online wine sales! With the pandemic accelerating digital shopping trends, it is a watershed moment for online sales avenues.

Join Gosia Young and Kristen Duff on the 11th May 2021 as they present this full-day workshop to provide strategic recommendations and examples drawing from their expertise as wine marketing specialists. Their goal is simple: to help you leverage what you already have to sell more wine.

In proud association with Jordan Wine Farms, Gosia Young will be presenting a 3 hour morning BTC masterclass tackling topics such as current market trends, the importance of storytelling, and offering tips for setting up successful online stores, wine clubs, ads, newsletters, and social media. Following lunch, Kristen Duff will take the helm for the 3-hour afternoon masterclass that will cover working with strategic online retailers and sales partners, influencers, and PR, as well as tips for managing one’s brand presence across the web.

This once-off event will include tea and lunch presented by the Bakery at Jordan and is aimed at owners and marketing managers of wine farms or businesses that want to increase their online presence and see a higher ROI.

11th May 2021

08:30 – 16:30, including lunch

R2770 per person


Space is limited. Bookings essential.

Kindly note that due to COVID safety restrictions, the workshop is limited to 16 people.