Is the US wine consumption boom over?

Thursday, 16 January, 2020
Decanter, Chris Mercer
Americans drank less wine for the first time in 25 years in 2019, according to one report, as separate analysis predicted price deals on US wines in 2020 due to an oversupply of grapes.

Consumption of wine in the US dipped by 0.9% in 2019 versus 2018, said global drinks research group The IWSR this week.

That’s IWSR’s first recorded decline in the US since 1994 and it attributed this to ‘changing generational habits’.

It appeared that more young people were opting for spirits, although sparkling wine sales still rose by 4% in volume in 2019.

The US is the world’s biggest wine consuming nation, a title that it has held for nearly 10 years.

But IWSR’s report will add to concerns that millennials are not drinking wine to the same extent as the so-called baby boomer generation, many of whom are now retiring.

‘We aren’t yet effectively marketing to young consumers,’ said Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in its own state of the US wine industry 2020 report, released this week.

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