Springfield Estate - Thank you for your Trust and Loyalty

Friday, 4 October, 2019
Springfield Estate
These 7 words appear on every barrel we buy from our cooper, Seguin Moreau in Cognac, France. A short and seemingly throwaway sentence to the regular reader, to us it means so much more than just a polite thanks.

You see, we buy about 100 barrels from Seguin Moreau every year. 300 liter French Oak barrels, with medium toast and untoasted heads. With all of our red wines spending time in barrels, we trust that these barrels are the best possible ones for our precious wines. At over R16000 for a new barrel, we bloody well hope it is!

The thing is, there is no guarantee that what you do to (and for) your wine is going to be the best option. We know that the barrels we use are the ones that best compliment our wines - but we are constantly testing other styles, brands and sizes to check that this is still the case. That is why our loyalty is valued by Seguin Moreau - although we know, from selling wine to you, that loyalty is won by consistently being the best, and making the best possible wine (or barrel) that you can.

It is a sad fact, however, that sometimes ones best efforts are not enough. When we still used natural cork on our wines, we bought the most expensive cork money could buy - one that went through extra, rigorous tests to minimise the risk of TCA contamination. Unfortunately, even though all these steps were taken, we still had problems with batches of corked wines - wines that you had kept for a special occasion, or that you had brought out to impress guests with. While the fault is not ours, we are still the ones to shoulder the blame - which is one of the main reasons we have moved over to Diam corks, a cork that is 99.9% guaranteed against cork taint. 

Trust and Loyalty are both things that have to be earned. We hope you trust that every bottle of Springfield wine you open, will be the best bottle we can make. We hope that the best we can do, is so good that we win your loyalty as well.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try our wines, why not come visit us for the Wine on the River festival next weekend, 11- 13 October. Surely our favourite festival on the Robertson Wine Valley calender, this year a VIP package is also being offered, with private seating, food pairings and more. Tickets can be bought at https://wineonriver.com/ - we look forward to seeing you there for a great weekend of great company and even better wine!

How to get our wine

Trade customers can place their orders with their sales representative or through the office by contacting +27.236263661, sending a Whatsapp to +27.828645296 or sending an email to accounts@springfieldestate.com