The world's three largest wineries, all owned by the same company

Thursday, 12 September, 2019, Jamie Goode
California’s E&J Gallo own the three largest wineries in the world. They don’t tend to invite journalists to them, but Google Earth allows us to take a tour.

The three wineries in question are two production wineries (Fresno and Livingston) and a winery for bottling and shipping (Modesto). They also own the largest winery in Sonoma, too.

Gallo's Fresno winery (Google Earth)

In 2000, they claimed to take one-third of the total grape harvest in California (they have 90 000 acres under contract), and to make more wine than all of Australia.

As of 2011, they had eight wineries and 60 brands. Livingston crushed 450 000 tons, and Fresno 535 000 tons. I don’t have m ore recent figures, but they now have 15 wineries, according to their website.

A 2001 figure cited a production level of 950 million bottles.

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