Prefer Prosecco to Champagne? You're part of a fast-growing trend

Monday, 1 April, 2019
Cape Talk
In recent years, Prosecco sales have outstripped all other sparkling wines around the world. Traditional wine snobs might be dismayed at this trend, but the group sommelier of the Tsogo Sun Group says they are from the old school.

Miguel Chan gives Africa Melane some insight into the reasons for the rise of Prosecco.

The production... it's cheaper, it's quicker, it's sweeter. Most of the Prosecco has a touch of sugar and it has appealed to the generation of drinkers, it has appealed to the millennials.

— Miguel Chan, Group sommelier - Tsogo Sun Group

It is in fact a sparkling wine and since 2015 has came out of nowhere and overtaken the consumption of Champagne worldwide.

— Miguel Chan, Group sommelier - Tsogo Sun Group

Chan says the relative affordability of Prosecco plays a part in its growing popularity.

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