National Wine Challenge - Just one week left to enter

Friday, 29 March, 2019
'At nine years of age the NWC is now a mature competition, in full stride' quotes CEO Robin von Holdt.

'Enjoying fine-wine industry support bigger than ever, the powerful brand successfully aids the sales promotion of all winning wines. Awards are recognised by the discerning wine buyer locally in SA as well as abroad.

The high impact stickers, as evidenced by independent research, provably sell more awarded wines. Which is why year-on-year growth of sales exceeds 50%, a record!'

Leading innovation each year. Investing in the future:

* Judging Protocols
* MW Qualified Lead Judges
* Independent audits
* Embracing Technology
* First SA Wine APP
* Only digital entry system in SA

National Wine Challenge, the premium brand. Helps to sell fine-wine quickly and consistently.

Consumers love awarded NWC winning wine!

Enter today, there is just one week left for entries!

Log on now, click HERE.

Help desk is open on or call 076 022 7286.


Robin Von Holdt
Robin Von Holdt

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