For the Sake of Wine

Friday, 22 March, 2019
Hein on Wine
Nowadays, in wine marketing to the consumer, we often include experience in the conversation and focus much less on product. Experience is the trend all brands have to comply with, the so-called 5th P of Marketing. But is there anyone left who talk about wine just because of the wine?

Wine writers, sommeliers, winemakers, those of us who are in the trade. Yes, for those with a passion for wine, wine appreciation is about more than the sunset with a loved-one or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with a goat’s cheese soufflé. We like wine for wine. “If you’re in doubt whether the food and wine will match, leave the food and drink the wine”, a joking, but on point remark by La Motte Cellarmaster, Edmund Terblanche.

When the wine talk is serious, we usually refer to terroir, time spent on the lees, barrel maturation and concepts generally intimidating to the average wine consumer. But perhaps, when it comes to the consumer, there is a product focus that is still relevant, even though it is less technical.

On our way to the annual Prowein show in Düsseldorf, I read Peter Eichhorn’s article, Day drinking and the new aperitif culture. In this piece he discusses the interesting origin of the aperitif and the ongoing trend for enjoying a drink before dinner or during the day, not only as part of a meal.

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