South Africa Wine Business Workshop 2019

Friday, 1 February, 2019
Peter McAtamney
Building World Class Wine Brands! That's the focus of this year's South Africa Wine Business Workshop taking place on 15 and 16 April 2019 at The Devon Valley Hotel.

Your wine brand is the only thing standing between your intended success and being traded as a commodity. But how do you build a wine brand profitably in 2019?

What audiences should you be talking to now, how should you engage with them, how do you select and manage channels of distribution, how do you set priorities and how do you ensure that everything you do and every sale you make builds on all that you have done?

This program has been created especially for South African wineries. The focus is on building your skill set in order to grow your business’s profitability. WBS Workshops are designed to present you with global best practice, along with the tools and technology you’ll need to develop cut through strategy and plan for winning execution.

We examine the worlds most successful brands, regions and wine producing countries. We’ll shine the light on the secrets of success. Our aim is to get you thinking about the practical application for your business, to help you see the future with greater clarity and have you walk away with a well-formed plan for addressing your most profitable opportunities.

We're going to be discussing;

- Pricing Strategy
- Channel Selection
- Export
- Direct to Customer
- Distributor Management

As always, we’ll examine global best practice, emergent technologies and examples from around the world.

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