Association for Responsible Alcohol Use relaunches

Thursday, 7 December, 2017
Mpho Singo, WineLand
Renewed efforts by the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education ( to reduce alcohol-related harm in South Africa have been well received by its stakeholders, members and the media.

This commitment  took the form of a relaunch of the Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA) into the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education (, on Thursday 30 November 2017 in Johannesburg. With the relaunch of the organisation, the need to create a national culture of responsible drinking has realigned efforts to create a generation of South Africans free from alcohol abuse. The rebranding symbolises the intrinsic purpose of to drive collective efforts focused on creating a change in the country’s drinking behaviour.

“As a uniquely new organisation, the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education ( accept that we cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results. We accept that we have a pivotal part to play in building and nurturing an alcohol harm- free South Africa. This will allow us to not lose another generation of South Africans to the scourge of alcohol abuse,” says Ingrid Louw, CEO of the is well placed to rewrite the narrative of alcohol abuse and misuse in this country. Its role is to support business and society to achieve deep and sustainable social change for the greater good. Through the adoption of an evidence-based approach, the work being done will not only bring South Africa in line with global responses but will also have direct implications for national drinking practices and the public’s responsiveness to initiatives.

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