Klawer Wine Cellars Chenin & Merlot VINO SACCI’S

Wednesday, 8 November, 2017
Klawer Wine Cellar
We want to cater for the people on the go. We are located on the N7 National Road, and we get a lot of bypassers, people coming from Cape Town or Namibia’s side.

So many people come here to visit our beautiful West Coast, and usually, people don’t want to travel with bottles, making a noise in the car, taking up too much space and being a schlep when you want to enjoy only one or two glasses of wine.

That’s where we got the bright spark of creating the “vino sacci” which is “wynsakkie” in Latin. It’s 375ml of Chenin 2017 OR Melot 2017. Not only is this packaging totally adorable and eye-catching, there’s also a lot of other advantages, for example:
• Butterfingers? The Vino Sacci won't shatter in pieces.
• Pop it in the fridge or ice bucket and have cold wine in 5 minutes.
• Contains two glasses of wine. No need to waste.
• Handbag, backpack, cooler box or the bar fridge in the caravan – no space is too small for these guys.
• No spillage when pouring the wine.
• Perfect for people buying in smaller volumes.
• And guesthouses can pop these in the bar fridges of the rooms.

We had a competition on Facebook, where people gave us unique and catchy names for the “sakkies” and it was so much fun to have the public involved in this project of ours. Currently, we’re selling this at our cellar and in some local liquor shops and restaurants/ guesthouses.

Klawer Wine Cellars Chenin & Merlot VINO SACCI’S
Klawer Wine Cellars Chenin & Merlot VINO SACCI’S

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