KWV Wines and Fitch & Leedes Partner to introduce the Summer Spritzer: Tawny & Tonic

Thursday, 26 October, 2017
KWV Wines
KWV Wines and Fitch & Leedes have introduced a new Summer Spritzer: Tawny and Tonic, a drink that is refreshing, crisp and the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful South African sunset.

The Summer Spritzer: Tawny & Tonic is the perfect blend of KWV Classic Tawny mixed with Fitch & Leedes Tonic.This light, thirst quenching drink – ideal for the South African outdoors -  is a great start to any evening, and a good drink to enjoy all night. The Fortified wine, which many may still associate with wintery cold weather or as an after-dinner drink, is making a resurgence – and today, we see the comeback of fortified.

KWV Classic Fortified wines are rich and complex and they have the perfect notes to offer a flavourful base for a Summery tipple of choice.

Fitch & Leedes tonic is the perfect accompaniment, made to the utmost purity in terms of quality and taste, with quadruple filtered water to accentuate the character and subtle notes of KWV Classic Fortified Wines.

Enjoy your KWV Classic Tawny and Fitch & Leedes tonic, either Pink or Indian, serving a ratio of 1:3 in a tumbler with plenty of ice. Garnish with a slice of lemon, fig or a sprig of mint.

Summer Spritzer: Tawny & Tonic
Summer Spritzer: Tawny & Tonic

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