Another year, another top performance by KWV at Veritas

Monday, 9 October, 2017
KWV Wines
Paarl-based producer impresses again with its collection of Gold and Double Gold Medals.

Paarl-based producer, KWV, delivered a top performance at the Veritas Wine Awards, securing no less than 14 Gold and Double Gold Medals overall in its wine and brandy portfolios.

The Veritas Awards is the longest running and most prestigious wine and brandy competition in SA. Close to 2 000 entries are received each year and judged by South Africa’s top wine judges and critics, with international wine judges included on some panels.

KWV was awarded seven Double Golds – four for its wines and three for its world-renowned brandies – making it one of the top performers on the evening:

  • KWV Classic Collection Cape Tawny NV
  • KWV The Mentors Sauvignon Blanc / Sémillon 2009
  • KWV The Mentors Noble Late Harvest 2012
  • KWV Laborie Blanc de Blanc MCC 2011

And these Double Golds for its world-renowned brandies:

  • KWV 20-Year-Old Potstill Brandy
  • KWV 15 Year Alambic Potstill Brandy
  • KWV 12 Year Potstill Barrel Select Brandy

Double Gold Medals are only awarded for wines and brandies that scored 90/100 or more. Gold is awarded when a wine or brandy scores 86 to 89,9, a silver sticker will go on a bottle of wine or brandy if the wine scored 80 to 85,9 points, while bronze medals go to wines and brandies that scored 75 to 79,9 points.

Earlier this year, KWV won the Worldwide Trophy for Brandy at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC), a feat which is again highlighted with this most recent performance.

“Our achievement at the Veritas Awards is an illustration of years of experience, passion and the KWV team’s relentless pursuit for perfection. After a string of awards achieved on home ground and offshore, we are very proud to enter the festive season with this very important recognition from Veritas”, said Nuno Fernandes, Marketing Executive on KWV Spirits.

Liandra Kotzé, Marketing Executive for KWV Wines said: “These awards are an incredible testament to KWV’s years of dedicated work in its cellars to perfect its products. This doesn’t mean that the quest for perfection will now rest, if anything the KWV team is inspired to do even better.”

“KWV is one of South Africa’s most established brands, and has earned a reputation for a portfolio of wines and brandies that consistently performs well, making it a brand consumers can trust for offering non-negotiable quality,” she adds.

This statement is underpinned by the total medal wins KWV claimed at the Veritas Awards this year – a competition largely driven by consumer preferences, with judges valuing drinkability, wine structure and ageability when scrutinising wines – with the selection process for Double Gold winners being especially rigorous. 

Wines bearing the distinct Veritas medal ‘stickers’ can, therefore, be trusted to be an indicator of quality. 

“We are incredibly happy to provide wine consumers globally with this assurance of excellence,” Kotzé said.

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KWV wine team
KWV wine team

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