Apollo makes it easy to pour yourself into your wine making

Tuesday, 3 October, 2017
Anita Rock
As preparations for Harvest 2018 start taking shape, consider investing in the Apollo Wine Tank for your wine fermentation and storage requirements.

As our Cape vines start to bud and harvest is just around the corner, good news is that in a high-tech facility in the USA the Apollo Wine Fermentation and Storage Tanks are getting ready to take your winemaking to the next level. They are expected to land just in time for the 2018 harvest.

Wine makers striving to produce consistent, pure and terroir-driven wines will appreciate the Apollo’s characteristics similar to that of a new barrel in terms of oxygenation permeation for wine maturation, but without the new wood character, and the egg shape that keeps yeast in suspension for a lovely, even fermentation. 

Suitable for fermenting and maturing red and white wines, the internal surface is seamless making it hygienic and easy to clean. And because it weighs as little as 41kg it is easy to move around the cellar at any time using only a pallet jack. Experiment with small, high quality batches, or use it as a space-efficient general storage solution - the patented lid is airtight, preventing evaporation and reducing volatile acidity.

Made from a very high quality, food-grade polyethelene the Apollo is BPA free and meets the very strict US FDA & European Food Safety Regulations, has a 875l capacity with a height of 1270mm and diameter of 1260mm and is a uniquely cost-effective option when compared with steel, wood or concrete tanks.

As the exclusive Southern African agent for ApolloTM, Anita Rock has a loyal client base of internationally award-winning wine makers and is available locally for all your questions and product support.

Orders must be placed before 30 November 2017 to ensure delivery for the 2018 harvest.

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