The Charm of Chenin Blanc from South Africa

Monday, 2 October, 2017, Lauren Buzzeo
South Africa's calling-card white wine deserves serious attention. It's time to consider the wide stylistic range of Chenin Blanc for your glass and cellar.

It still surprises me just how many people aren’t turned on to Chenin Blanc. When attempting to sing its praises, I often hear, “Do you mean Sauvignon Blanc?” No, I don’t mean Sauvy.­ I’m talking Chenin: the white wine that you should be considering for your glass and your cellar.

While Chenin Blanc’s vinous birthplace is the Loire Valley - where it produces some remarkable wines from appellations like Quarts de Chaume, Savennières and Vouvray - it’s not necessarily the hallmark variety of the entire region, since so many other grapes are grown and thrive there.

There’s another country that’s leading the Chenin charge, creating an unmistakable association between the grape and the region - despite the many other varieties also grown there - as the go-to for wines that are worthy of serious consideration and attention.

It’s time to know Chenin Blanc, especially those from South Africa.

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Thomas Davidson

Thomas joined in May 2019 after graduating from Stellenbosch University with a BA in History & Ancient Cultures and completing a certificate in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the Graduate School in Stellenbosch. He moonlights as a radio presenter at MFM - and has an incredible passion for wine. 
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