De Wetshof Atkins Ratings Underscores Quality of Robertson Chardonnay

Tuesday, 19 September, 2017
De Wetshof Estate
Four ratings of 90+ points in the highly regarded Tim Atkin Report for 2017 reaffirms the world-class quality of Chardonnay made in the Robertson region, as well as vindicating De Wetshof Estate’s commitment to specialising in site-specific Chardonnays.

In his latest report, Tim Atkin’s ratings for De Wetshof Chardonnays were: The Site 2015 (93pt), Bateleur 2015 (92pts), Lesca 2016 (91pts) and Bon Vallon 2017 (90pts).

According to Johann de Wet, CEO of De Wetshof and chairman of the SA Chardonnay Forum, international recognition for South African is experiencing an upward curve, both in terms of sales and critical acclaim. “It is an honour for De Wetshof to receive these ratings for our Chardonnay from an esteemed critic,” he says.

“As Chardonnay specialists we make a diverse array of wines, each being the result of site-specific viticulture accessing grapes from various vineyard parcels on the De Wetshof Estate. To achieve these four scores of 90pts and above, each for a different wine, recognises not only the quality of the wines, but the fact that our quality is consistent.”

De Wet says the scores also reflect the undisputed quality of the 2015. “The top scores went to The Site and the Bateleur Chardonnays from the 2015 vintage, underscoring our predictions even shortly after the harvest that this was going to be a vintage to watch. Both these wines are relatively young and made for the long-haul, so it will be interesting to see what recognition they achieve a few years down the line.”

The latest Tim Atkin Report definitely places Chardonnay among the leading varieties on which Brand South Africa based, says De Wet. “Being a variety expressing terroir to the degree that few others can, South Africa is capturing the imagination with the diverse range of quality Chardonnay the country is producing. Through this variety, the Cape’s varied climate, aspects and soil types are being showcased to the world and definitely contributing to the positive image of South Africa as a premier wine country. And this is something we now need more than ever.”