Closures: Visual and functional designs as a purchasing incentive

Friday, 4 August, 2017
While the range of extravagant container designs has grown considerably, the potential offered by bottle closures is yet to be fully exploited. This almost gives the impression that drinks industry marketing has thus far failed to give the closure the attention it deserves. There is scope here for a variety of attractive designs combined with practical functions.

Marketing and closures: There has not been much activity here to date. But in terms of marketing instruments, there is surely potential for more than just games or promotional collection campaigns involving the lids?

Variety of closures

One example of this is wine. Natural cork remains the best-known closure among consumers, even though it can hardly be considered a modern solution now that innovations such as plastic corks and glass stoppers exist. As for the screw cap, its leak tightness and resealability make it best choice. There is no risk of the wine tasting corked and it does not cause any damage at all. And yet it still has a bad reputation when it comes to product value. For many consumers, a screw-cap bottle is still synonymous with poor quality wine. But in the case of mineral water, the screw cap is now almost universal. Beer bottles have seen a great many changes in recent decades as well. The good old crown cork is still in pole position. While the swing top is a viable alternative, it remains a niche product.

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