Pulpit Rock adds 2017 Sauvignon Blanc to the Brink Family line-up

Wednesday, 2 August, 2017
Pulpit Rock Winery
The Pulpit Rock team is proud to announce the release of the Brink Family Sauvignon Blanc 2017. This is the first time that the winery produced the sought-after South African cultivar, and the results have been received well by connoisseurs and industry role-players alike.

The decision to build out the Brink Family range with the addition of a Sauvignon Blanc came after Dewald Huisamen joined the Pulpit Rock team as winemaker in December 2016. Huisamen was the proud recipient of the prestigious John McDonald trophy for South Africa's champion Sauvignon Blanc as decided by South African National Wine Show Association in 2016. With his unprecedented varietal acumen on board, the long-time dream to develop a Sauvignon Blanc in the inimitable Pulpit Rock style became a reality.

Sauvignon Blanc wasn't singled out merely the build out the Brink Family range. We wanted to show that it is possible to create extraordinary wines of this cultivar in the Swartland milieu," said Huisamen.

A Swartland bush vine vineyard that receives supplementary irrigation was specially selected with this goal in mind. The fact that Pulpit Rock boasts a well-equipped, modern winery with temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks also contributed to creating a new world wine with a beautifully accessible character.

Brink Family Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is now available to taste and purchase at the winery or online at www.pulpitrock.co.za. Join us for a tasting to find out more about this remarkable vintage and discover the rest of our Brink Family range.

For more information, photographs or interviews with our winemaker, please get in touch with Elizma de Villiers on info@pulpitrock.co.za or +27.224612025. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Pulpit Rock adds 2017 Sauvignon Black to the Brink Family line-up
Pulpit Rock adds 2017 Sauvignon Black to the Brink Family line-up

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