Food and Wine Radio has launched

Friday, 13 December, 2013
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Whether you are an executive chef, sous chef, a patissier or a self-made home chef, a somelier,wine writer or lover. This channel is for you. is a contributing source to this new radio channel and you're sure to learn a lot about food and wine.

FOOD AND WINE RADIO has finally been launched! We are featuring content from the food and wine industry, events, exhibitions, profiles, news, etc and everything else you would like to hear about.

There are three methods to listen to the online radio:

1. Please find the link to listen to the radio. . Remember the radio is online, should the stream show this message ' stream not available' you need to keep refreshing the link until it connects you.

2. Another method of listening is to click "listen live ' on our website ( and download the icon Winamp, iTunes, windows media etc) that might be suitable for your computer.

3. The third method is to download the 'winamp' app on your smart phone , it is free, when downloaded click 'Shoutcast' and search for 'FOOD AND WINE RADIO" and the stream will connect.