uniWines Vineyards News December 2013

Sunday, 1 December, 2013
Tourists from the Northern Hemisphere seeking some early summer warmth in the Cape winelands must have wondered whether their aeroplane had landed on the wrong side of the equator.
Spring may officially have sprung in the Cape during October, but in November we experienced some inclement weather of the kind that makes climate change sceptics running towards the nearest parcel of sand in which to stick their heads in – although a dry one could not be found.

In the Breedekloof, where uniWines Vineyards and our farmers are based, rain, wind and cold temperatures of the unseasonable kind were experienced at a time when we usually begin to run our air-conditioners at full blast. That this weather struck during the delicate flowering period for our vines caused some nerves to be scraped raw.

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