The House of Krone adds glamour to the festive season with exquisitely packaged Cap Classiques

Tuesday, 17 December, 2013
The House of Krone
Making for glamorous cork-popping and dazzling gifts

The House of Krone, located at Twee Jonge Gezellen Estate (TJ) in the picturesque town of Tulbagh, has become synonymous with the production of benchmark Méthode Cap Classiques. Here, generations of the Krone family have mastered the fine art of blending the traditional Champagne varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

To celebrate the forthcoming festive season, The House of Krone is presenting its popular Krone Borealis Cuvée Brut 2010 and Krone Rosé Cuvée Brut 2010 in exquisite embossed boxes. Retailing nationally between R100 and R110, these delicious and beautifully showcased Cap Classiques will make for glamorous cork-popping and dazzling gifts.

The House of Krone’s tradition is to use only the free-run juice which is of the highest quality and has optimum aroma and flavour. The wines then mature on the lees for three years in underground cellars after which, prior to dégorging, the bottles are packed in wooden pupitres (turning racks) and the rémuage (turning of the bottles) is done entirely by hand. The Krone Borealis and the Rosé Cuvée Brut are microbiologically stable, the true celebration of the vintner's art.

Krone Borealis Brut 2010

Elegant with a fresh apple and classic biscuity bouquet with hints of jasmine, the bubbles are fine and persistent and pleasing with every sip. A rich lees-creaminess on the palate allows the hazelnut, quince and peach flavours to fill the mouth.Delicious on its own, the Krone Borealis is ideal to enjoy with oysters, sushi, seafood and creamy pasta dishes. Showcased in a magnificent gold embossed box, the Krone Borealis Brut 2010 retails nationally for around R100.

Krone Rosé Cuvée Brut 2010

Elegant, sassy and refreshing with a subtle salmon pink hue and a fine creamy mousse, the Krone Rosé Cuvée Brut displaysdelicate red berry fruit aromas and flavours, and a long and complex finish.Ideal as an aperitif, it is also a classic accompaniment to smoked salmon and perfect with charcuterie, duck or sushi and, gorgeous at the end of the meal with a simple serving of fresh summer berries. Presented in a beautiful pink embossed box, the Krone Rosé Cuvée Brut 2010 retails nationally for around R110.