Kleine Zalze adds Platter 5 Stars to its accolades

Monday, 11 November, 2013
Kleine Zalze
Kleine Zalze has added to its collection of awards. Two of their wines, the Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2012 and the Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Chenin Blanc 2012, received the coveted five-star grading in the annual Platter’s South African Wine Guide.

South Africa, Stellenbosch, November 2013; STELLENBOSCH WINE ESTATE KLEINE ZALZE has added to its collection of awards. Two of their wines received the coveted five-star grading in the annual Platter’s South African Wine Guide. Joining the list of the producer’s top achievers in this authoritative publication was the Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2012 and Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Chenin Blanc 2012.

This achievement is an affirmation of the quality of wines that carry the Kleine Zalze label, irrespective of varietal and price category,” says Kleine Zalze Managing Director Kobus Basson. “Their consistent performances at Platter and other shows reflect the care and craftsmanship pursued from the vineyards to the cellar and into the bottle.”

The latest five-star ratings bring the number of Kleine Zalze wines that have reached this superior level to six. They join the Shiraz Family Reserve 2003, Cabernet Sauvignon Family Reserve 2007, Sauvignon Blanc Family Reserve 2008 and Sauvignon Blanc Family Reserve 2010.

Five-star wines are exceptional bottlings that emerge from two rounds of judging with the event’s highest rating.

The performance of the Family Reserve Chenin Blanc 2012 was a proud moment for Kleine Zalze cellarmaster Johan Joubert. “This maiden release was truly a work of art, focusing on the important role of soil and how it contributes to the Kleine Zalze style of Chenin Blanc,”

“All the credit goes to the Kleine Zalze cellar team that put immense focus on the end product, giving the collector of icon wines the opportunity to get hold of this fine expression of Chenin Blanc.”

Joubert says it is of the utmost importance that this creative style be achieved every year with the same level of fruit intensity and longevity, and a firm eye on achieving superior quality. “Through years of experimentation, the perfect selection of barrels was presented to the three different soil selections, each contributing to the unique expression of an elegant, fresh and lengthy finish.”

As for the Family Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, this is the third time the wine has collected five stars at Platter’s. “This demonstrates not only consistency, but also how regionality, distance from the sea, canopy management and winemaking contribute in the crafting of this quality wine through months of patience on the lees,” he says.

“The secret lies in the balance achieved through the contribution of five wine regions to the final product. Each brings a different layer of fruit with a long lingering aftertaste.”

Joubert says these vineyard blocks, situated no further than 10km from the sea, produce natural compounds of utmost importance in a top quality Sauvignon Blanc wine. “Canopy management produced the perfect microclimate, which are also essential factors. Added to this, the winemaking team brings understanding of how each parcel of fruit will develop over twelve months, the correct winemaking practices and decisions on length of time to leave the wine on the lees,” he says.

“Blending - an art in itself - needs to predict how the wine will develop in the bottle with the ultimate aim of providing the consumer with the best quality expression of the Kleine Zalze Family Reserve Sauvignon Blanc style.”

Platter’s South African Wine Guide is the best-selling annual of its kind. It was conceived in 1978 and is today seen as one of the most highly regarded wine advisers.

Kleine Zalze’s achievements at Platter’s come hot on the heels of its stellar performance at this year’s Michelangelo International Wine Awards where its Vineyard Selection Chardonnay 2012 was one of only three wines to receive a platinum award. Kleine Zalze also received a Gran D’Or medal for the Vineyard Selection Shiraz Mourvédre Viognier 2011, three Golds and two Silvers.

For more information contact Wynand van Schalkwyk, Marketing Manager at Kleine Zalze via e-mail wvanschalkwyk@kleinezalze.co.za or visit www.kleinezalze.com