Celebrating 30 years of GRAÇA

Friday, 15 November, 2013
Graca Wines
South Africa’s favourite talking, eating, drinking, laughing, singing, sharing wine is celebrating its 30th birthday. Fun, affordable, and best shared with friends, this cheeky Portuguese-style white wine has found its way onto tables around the country since its launch in 1983.
Graa has always been a wine with a difference – from its quirky short bottle to its exuberant personality and taste. “It was made to be different, to be recognisable as a character of its own,” says Colin Frith, one of the original Graa winemakers. “And it’s a wine that is liked by virtually all wine drinkers – those who prefer dry wine, those who prefer sweeter wine, and even those who prefer red wine.”

This easy-drinking wine has been an iconic part of the South African landscape for three decades, and is much-loved by all who have experienced the ‘GRAAfication’ it brings to every occasion – including old ‘friendinos’ who have enjoyed the wine since its launch, and new fans who have recently discovered its charms.

“Something all Graa friendinos have in common is a love for laughter, fun and good times spent with friends – and that’s really what GRAAfication is all about,” says Jackie Olivier, Global Marketing Manager Premium Wines.

To mark its 30th, Graa will be sporting three festive birthday sleeves in yellow, green and blue. Each one tells the story of special times South Africans have shared with Graa – from unforgettable events like the 1995 Rugby World Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, to home-grown moments like the Lambertsbaai Kreeffees. Priced from R30 per 750ml bottle, this limited edition collection will be available in stores from November.

GRAAfication in action

We’re inviting all friendinos to celebrate 30 years of memories, and to experience the GRAAfication this fun, unpretentious wine has to offer. And since Graa is a talking, laughing, sharing wine, we’d love you to share your favourite Graa moments with us on Facebook (Graca.Wine) or Twitter (@GracaWines).

Memories and milestones
  • Graa was launched in 1983 by Stellenbosch Farmers’ Winery (SFW).
  • A trendsetter from the start, Graa was the first South African white wine to be made in the Portuguese Vinho Verde style. It went on to become one of SFW’s biggest success stories in the ‘80s.
  • Graa broke the million litre barrier in August 1988 and went on to pass 1.5 million litres in March 1989. It reached the two million litre mark in 1990.
(Source: A Magic Blend. SFW 1925 - 2000, Romi van der Merwe)