Checkers adds French Champagne to the list.

Wednesday, 30 October, 2013
Roaming the Wine Route of any Checkers, a shopper will find wines from over 80 leading estates at cellar prices, their exclusive Odd Bins range (famous wine brands at a fraction of the price) and over 50 Wines of the World that they’ve sourced from 9 of the world’s best wine-producing countries – proving their promise of bringing the wine route to you.
But it doesn’t stop there, because Checkers believes in constantly improving, which is the theme of their latest campaign.

Authentic French champagne for under R200

So, how did they improve their wine offering? They added something new to their Wines of the World, and not just anything, they added Charles de Cazanove – authentic French Champagne for under R200.

The difference between champagne and sparkling wine

Now, before we get into the fantastic price, let’s talk abut the difference between Champagne and sparkling wine. It’s a known fact in the wine world that only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France can be called Champagne, and anything else (in South Africa) that was made in the traditional Champagne style, is given the label Méthod Cap Classique or MCC. So when Checkers say Champagne, they mean the real thing – authentic Champagne, from France.

Back to the price, it’s also a known fact that a bubbly of this calibre is not exactly easy on the pocket, unless of course you’re in France. So being able to enjoy it for under R200, by simply popping into your local Checkers, is something worth celebrating – possibly with a bottle or two of Charles de Cazanove.

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