Business Intelligence for the Wine Industry

Tuesday, 29 October, 2013
Supplied by Helge Habenicht
About Internet Marketing | AIM introduces our Advanced Web-Analytics Tool that allows to identify where your online business is coming from!
It collects real-time data 24/7/365 on every movement on your website and records the exact values of each purchase, allowing you to see where your business originates from and enables you to maximise your online Return of Investment.

It is called the AIM Web Analytics Tool;it is a management and decision making tool that helps you to make the most of your online marketing budget.

We can integrate the advance web-analytics tool with any website and most shopping systems;in fact it is fully compatible with your website developed by and their shopping cart system.

Now you can identify where your online business is coming from and which channel generate the most traffic and the highest revenue on your shopping cart.The dashboard is clearly structured and captivatingly easy to use.
5 top reasons to go for it:

1.    Exact Dynamic Sales Revenue Tracking segmented by online channel
If you are selling wine online the value of every purchase is different. This tool is able - other than Google Analytics - to track the exact revenue from its very origin until the final purchase has been done, i.e. mapping the complete value chain of any campaign or to identify relevant marketing patterns.
2.    Detailed information about every person who visits your website
The tool gives insight into literally any type of information, not only where visitors come from but also what kind of hardware and monitor size they are using, and how they found you and moved about on your website.
3.    Heatmaps on website pages segmented by goals, split channels or visitor sessions
This feature records the clicks a visitor does on a webpage. It is an extension of the customer behaviour tracking. Do visitors see what they are supposed to see and do they click where they are supposed to click?
4.    Track outbound links
It is important to know if your outbound links are more attractive than the content of your own webpage. Now you can find out.
5.    Early Warning: Alerts via email/mobile desktop
Besides receiving monthly reports, your webmaster can be alerted about any conceivable event on your webpage.

No more secrets – NOW you can identify which channel generates the highest revenue on your shopping cart and many others.

The Advanced Web-Analytics Tool captures information that you need to:
•    Increase Online Revenues
•    Decrease your cost per customer acquisition
•    Maximize the number of users who take your desired action
•    Get to know and serve your users better
•    Write more effective ads
•    Track effects of all your online and offline marketing campaigns and
•    Compare yourself with your industry

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