Whats Happening at Bouchard Finlayson - October 2013 Newsletter

Tuesday, 1 October, 2013
Bouchard Finlayson
September marks our Southern Hemisphere SPRING SEASON which is the time for new growth with scenic changes are all around us. The days are getting longer and the vines are budding and emotions are lifted!
Essentially it is time for thinking vines (rather than wine) as managing the growing season ahead becomes critical! The sudden burst and growth spurt of fresh shoots is accompanied by nature’s breeding calls of ducks and birds singing, and life in general heralding the re-awakening of a new cycle.

While our Cape winters are mostly mild and not too cold, this past season has been adamant in reminding us of the first Portuguese visitors’ description of the Cape as “The Cape of Storms”. Our 2013 winter has followed on from the long and stormy winter of 2012. An emphatic winter generally produce excellent crops with good fruit loads, but this remains to be seen as it will depend on the flowering season which follows in about six week after budding.

A short time lapse back to my early September visit to the Mara plains of Kenya where I managed to take this reflective photograph of the extraordinary Wildebeest migration experience, in its late afternoon thunderstorm setting. This beauty in sympathy and in poignant contrast to the recent mindless tragedy suffered by the Kenyan people to whom we extend our deepest sympathy. Kenya is a beautiful country where I managed to present a vertical tasting of ten vintages of Hannibal over five days in a private camp operated by Daryl and Sharna Balfour. Fortunately good wine is enjoyed in blissful settings and shared with wonderful company.

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