From Cape Town to Keimoes, Colombard remains King

Friday, 4 October, 2013
Orange River
When you become a regular visitor to the winelands of the Orange River region, the requests start streaming in from winemakers and wine lovers who are not so fortunate to frequent that lovely part of the world: bring back a few bottles of Orange River Cellars Colombard.
The reason? This wine is one of the true hidden gems in the South African wine crown.

Plantings of Colombard, once abundant across the Cape winelands, have declined in recent decades in favour of more trendy cultivars. Yet in the outstretched vineyards of the Orange River region, where the wines of Orange River Cellars originate, this cultivar is still widely planted and used to produce some of the country's most appetising, refreshing and pristine white wines.

Those who happen to visit the home of Orange River Cellars, Upington, at this time of the year won't be able to miss the lush, green Colombard vineyards. The sunny climate of the Orange River winelands and the deep, fertile soils along the banks of the country's largest river provide perfect ripening conditions for the Colombard grape and yield quality grapes for the winemakers to work with.

In the five Orange River cellars located in Upington, Kakamas, Keimoes, Grootdrink and Groblershoop, the winemakers aim to capture the pristine flavours of the Colombard grape during preparation of the wines, using cold-fermentation without any oak influence during the process.

The result is a no-fuss, intensely fruity dry white wine with the perfect balance between a refreshingly clean acid structure and full, lip-smacking flavours which is reminiscent of several other types of fruit.

Whoever said that only wine connoisseurs could identify flavours such as pear, litchi and grapefruit in a wine? These flavours are so vibrant in a cold glass of Orange River Cellars Colombard that you too will be able to identify them. Who knows, it could be the first step in your journey to wine wisdom!

Like all the other wines in the Orange River Cellars range though, the Colombard is made to be enjoyed – whether it is next to the campfire, at a picnic, or whenever the thirst for a glass of fine white wine grabs you. The wine is delicious on its own for those quiet, peaceful moments, but can also be enjoyed with a variety of dishes including chicken on the braai, fish, Thai dishes and sushi.
The pocket-friendly recommended retail price of R27 is yet another reason to ensure that Orange River Cellars Colombard is a staple on your shopping list.

The Orange River Cellars wine range is available anywhere in the country, but remember to come and say hello when you visit our region. As our saying goes: “Meet me at the River.”

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