Intel introduces new wine-powered processor DBR Staff Writer

Tuesday, 17 September, 2013
The Drinks Business Review
US-based chipmaker Intel has introduced a new wine-powered processor at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.
Developed by Intel's in-house anthropologist Genevieve Bell, the processor is powered by a glass of red wine with two electrodes in it that react with the acetic acid in the wine to produce a current.

Intel Interaction and Experience Research director Genevieve Bell was quoted by as saying that some people turn water into wine, here at Intel they are turning wine into electricity.

"It's possible to start to imagine a world of incredibly low power but also with high performance, which will help unburden us and gives us the ability to power things like computing," Bell added.

Bell noted that the new development is anticipated to meet the needs of around 4.4 billion mobile phone users across the world.

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