Sparkle and Diamonds

Wednesday, 18 September, 2013
James Cowham
Rock Angel launches a brand new sparkling wine with a twist 1:250 bottles has up to a one carat diamond in it.
Today a new sparkling wine concept is revealed, ROCK ANGEL is the first and only sparkling wine containing diamonds.

Starting with an entirely new packaging concept in the sparkling wine market the team have combined an outstanding wine, art and diamonds in one package. The premium ROCK ANGEL product launches in time for Christmas and New Year with deliveries planned for the end of October 2013.

Commercial Director Jake Grossmann said, ‘we are so proud of the product, we tasted 100’s of wines even before embarking on choosing a blend’.

ROCK ANGEL is sourced from near Verona, Italy and is a stand out wine from high in the Dolomites made from classic Champagne grapes notably Chardonnay. The target was drinkability and this has been achieved by developing a complexity not normally seen in fizz. Grossmann added, ‘since developing the blend, the team have engaged a focus group to blind taste it against the leading Champagnes and fizz, it has never failed’

From day one, packaging the product was a clear challenge. Most sparkling wine and champagne is packaged in a similar fashion with black, white and/or gold labeling and capsules. ROCK ANGEL is different; the team engaged an up and coming street artist called Pistol to create an iconic first bottle design. The company expected the design to be popular, they have already had multiple requests for signed bottles and therefore there will be an initial batch of 500 signed by the artist.

A key part of the concept is diamonds. 1 in 250 bottles contains one, with one bottle before the end of 2014 containing a 4 Carat stone. Grossmann said ‘adding the diamonds was to create a level of engagement not seen in the wine industry before’ adding ‘you pay GBP£25 for a bottle that could be worth GBP£35,000, so the bottle might not so much as pop as bang!’ ROCK ANGEL have applied for multiple worldwide patents on the insertion of the diamonds.

The product will soon be available in the usual outlets, however if you would like an even more exclusive bottle, the team will make your bottles with any size diamond and in any density. If you want a diamond in every bottle this is achievable. The company has distribution and retail opportunities available worldwide for this unique product and can be contacted by email at