Catharina's presents a new look this Spring

Friday, 6 September, 2013
Once a strictly formal, intimate dining room, Catharina’s restaurant at Steenberg Vineyards presents a new look this Spring, having been updated to reflect the understated elegance that the estate is celebrated for.
The entire space at Catharina’s now tells the invigorating story of our founder, Catharina, and reinforces Steenberg’s design dictum of “contemporary heritage” – where a rich history sits comfortably with a bright future – in combining vintage, eclectic and contemporary pieces for a look that is simultaneously current and nostalgic.
Though the elements of style are eclectically combined, a sense of coherence permeates the space, and creates a feeling of harmony throughout – making the new Catharina’s a seamless union of past and present. 
“The main objective of Studio Botes was to bring to life the story of Catharina and Steenberg in both text and images, and to conceptually tie the decor and design elements together. A copy of the actual deed signed by Simon van der Stel in 1688, granting Catharina the right to the land, contrasts the modern diorama and light boxes by Tintown. Six snapshots of Catharina's life are also illustrated within the menus, which are designed to be more like books than menus, and illustrated by an eclectic mix of illustrators united by design and colour usage,” says Brandt Botes founder of Studio Botes, the design studio key to the reimagining of Catharina’s.
Perhaps the first thing guests will notice upon arrival into the dining area, is the multitude of origami swans suspended from the ceiling. These figures serve a symbolic purpose – as Steenberg’s original name was “Swaaneweide” – The Feeding Place of Swans. In 1682, the original owner of the property, the fascinating Catharina Ras, had mistaken the spur-winged geese of the Steenberg region for swans.