Mother Nature Smiles on 14th Annual Vintner's Surf Classic!

Wednesday, 28 August, 2013
Vintner's Surf Classic
Winemaking and surfing do go hand in hand.  Every year, intrepid winemakers make their way to the best waves and this year saw them take to the surf up the coast.
In one of the longest-running sports events anywhere in the wine world, the 14th edition of the annual Vintner's Surf Classic was held on the 16th August just outside Jongensfontein on the Cape South coast. It's a unique and wonderful event, founded, as the organisers say “because of our love for surfing and not having a day off in the years' calendar to do what we love despite other wine-makers regularly getting days off to go play golf or indulge in this and that sponsored event!”

Mother Nature clearly approved, as this was the only sunny and calm day amidst weeks of driving wind and heavy rain. The 42 contestants hit the water around 8am and a full day of high energy surfing saw the finals completed as the sun was setting.

Wave forecaster Spike ( was there and described the conditions: “The surf was a clean 3-4' with the occasional almost five footer cracking off the backline reef. It was a busy day, with the heats moving along quickly. In the end, Nickie de Villiers scooped the Juniors, Gunther Schultz walked the Seniors, as he does every year he enters, while Ross Lindsay blitzed the ballies to scoop the Veterans division. The only women to enter - Andrea Erwee - was a shoe-in for the women's trophy.”

The Vintners would not be what it is without a fine-wine fuelled awards dinner and legendary after-party - and this was duly delivered at the Stilbaai Angling Club, with all contestants receiving their annual bottle of “Big Red” - a very characterful red blend made up of a selection from all the wine-making contestants.

2013 Winners

1st Nickie de Villiers
2nd Duncan Savage
3rd Chris Boustred
4th Christo Le Riche


1st Gunter Schultz
2nd Werner Schultz
3rd Johan Reyneke
4th Miles Mossop


1st Ross Lindsay
2nd Gary van Wyk
3rd Anthony de Jagger
4th Jan Schliemann


1st Andrea Erwee

Spot Prizes:

Pens en Bene wipeout - Gerrit Mars
Suicide head bomber Wipeout - JT van der Westhuizen
Best Barrel - Sebastian Beaumont


RR Cork
Rip Curl
Cool Dandy - Scarfini
Natural Energy - Ocean Minded
Saint Gobain
Tonnelerie Bordelaise
JF Hillebrand
Vitamin Water
Estate Mobile Bottling

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