Senecio: Support for people with disabilities

Wednesday, 4 September, 2013
Living personally with a disability or even living with someone who has a disability can be difficult. It is a daily struggle and a challenge. Founded in 2008 by Annatjie van Niekerk, Senecio aims to reach those who otherwise struggle to receive therapy services.
Senecio’s emphasis is on empowering the people living with disabilities and their families or carers with knowledge of the condition and how to manage it on a daily basis in order to reach their own highest possible potential.

In the words of founder Anna,
"In South Africa there is an enormous difference between the "haves" and the "have-nots". It is equivalent to the gulf between the first world and third world countries. Our medical and paramedical services are equivalent to the best in the world, for those who can afford it. Unfortunately the majority of our populace do not have any access to these services.
My dream is to be able to offer these services to the underprivileged."

And what's so important about the name?
The Senecio Arenarius is a flower that blooms in the harshest of conditions. With even the slightest attention, these seemingly insignificant flowers can blossom into something quite remarkable. The hungry flowers of the community, the underprivileged people with disabilities, also have this astounding potential. All they need is a few drops of tender love and care, a beam of positive thinking and somebody to believe in them. spent the morning at one of Senecio's outreach groups in Macassar. The group offers support for wheelchair bound members which consists of:
  • Seating Maintenance and repair
  • Health support - hygiene and toilet use
  • Social needs - housing, disability grants, finances and the all-important, safety concerns
Watch the videos here

How you can help?

"If just 100 people could give R100 a month, that would be amazing." Says Ana. "We've also partnered with Indigo Spur and it would mean such a lot to have people's support."

The Indigo Spur at Waterstone Village has agreed to host a fundraising evening with Senecio. 10% of ALL takings on the evening will go to Senecio -Support for people with disabilities! Isn't this just wonderful? And that's not all, Thursdays just happen to be Bottomless Rib and Buffalo wing special for R109.95! So grab your kids, or  get a group of friends together and hurry to the Indigo Spur for a fun night.
Let's fill up the restaurant and support Senecio.

For more ways in which to help, click here