A taste of home at Steenberg in August

Wednesday, 7 August, 2013
Steenberg Vineyards
Bistro Sixteen82 is Bringing Tapas Home for the month of August, as tapas specials include traditional South African dishes with a contemporary twist, in true small-plate dining style.
Executive Chef Brad Ball and his team have been taking diners around the world with tapas specials, as part of the “Bringing Tapas To…” series at Bistro Sixteen82. So far, the monthly tapas specials have traveled to Italy and Turkey, and will continue on to Mexico and the Orient after August’s stopover in South Africa.

Bistro Sixteen82’s diners can look forward to our take on S.A classics, including Boboti, Bunny Chow, Malva Pudding and Koeksisters. We are very excited to explore and celebrate our local cuisine,” says Executive Chef Brad Ball.

The tapas menu will feature ten traditional South African dishes, all imbued with Chef Brad’s signature contemporary twist:

“We want to add our own unique take on South African classics, but never lose the spirit of the cuisine – that element of familiarity that makes us feel nostalgic for a taste of home,” says Brad.

Bistro Sixteen82 has situated itself as one of the Cape’s foremost tapas establishments, and is recognized as a pioneering force in the small-plate dining movement in South Africa. The innovative tapas specials are regularly changed, offering diners an exciting and diverse range of options.

For more about “Taking Tapas To”, please call us on +27.217132211, or mail us on reception@steenbrg.co.za.