Launch of Zurich Wineries Insurance

Wednesday, 7 August, 2013
Zurich Insurance Company South Africa
Zurich Insurance Company South Africa, a leading global insurer, has announced the launch of its Wineries Insurance offering which is a comprehensive insurance solution that covers the winemaking process, from trellis and fences, to when it is bottled.
The insurance covers accidental damage, extended liability, fire and loss of revenue for wineries, cellars, bottlers and co-ops.
Being listed as one of the top ten wine producing countries in the world, South African wine producers understand that every bottle of wine tells a story. From the type of grapes used, viticulture, the yeast used in the fermentation process, the barrel and the temperature maintained in the cellar, the vintage and finally the maturity of the wine. Winemaking is therefore an artisan’s venture rather than a science. Crafting and producing excellent wine takes precision, time, care and creativity.
Zurich has mirrored this art. We are well versed in meeting the specific needs and requirements of wineries, from the vineyard to the wine glass. Zurich is equipped with a team of knowledgeable underwriters to help protect the fruits of your labour.
Clyde Troup, Portfolio Head: Property at Zurich South Africa said: “Zurich is always searching for solutions that help to protect our customers from risk. We are pleased to have used our global experience and knowledge to tailor-make a solution that meet the distinct needs of customers in the South African wine industry. The product enables farmers, distillers and co-ops the flexibility to package the wineries insurance with their current Zurich farmers insurance policy.”
Customers will have access to our dedicated team of specialist underwriters, who are equipped with the skills to provide solutions for the most complex of risks.
All Zurich insurance products are backed by the AA credit rating for the Zurich Insurance Group.