Recruitment of the new WOSA CEO

Friday, 5 July, 2013
The recruitment of the new CEO is being handled by a sub-committee of the board.
The first step was to revise the job description which has changed to a certain extent since my appointment in 2000.

Four recruitment agencies were interviewed by the sub-committee, and ODA has been appointed to handle the recruitment process and to present a short list of candidates.

The position is being advertised on internet sites locally and in the UK, and in national and local media. If you are interested in the advertisement you can see a copy here

If you know of any potential candidates please encourage them to e-mail a concise CV and letter of motivation to (clearly stating that the application is for the Wines of South Africa CEO position). WOSA office and board members will not entertain any enquiries - applicants need to send CV's directly to ODA.