The evolution of Graham Beck Cap Classique

Friday, 5 July, 2013
Graham Beck
Over the years Graham Beck has established a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading Cap Classique producers, striving for consistency, quality and continuous innovation.
At the custom built Méthode Cap Classique cellar in Robertson our team continues to pursue the perfect bubble. The captain at the helm of this extraordinary vessel of discovery is Cellarmaster Pieter ‘Bubbles’ Ferreira. Our passion for the job at hand shines through in every bottle, every sip and each tiny bubble, as we work tirelessly to ensure that Graham Beck Cap Classiques remain synonymous with sophistication, flair and timeless appeal.

The foundations for this celebrated brand’s success were laid in 1983 when Mr Graham Beck purchased Madeba, an estate located near the Western Cape town of Robertson. Pieter joined the cellar in 1990. Surprised by the intrinsic quality of the base wines even in those early days, he and the team worked hard at establishing a solid platform for MCC style wines.

The first Non Vintage was released in 1993 and we’ve never looked back! After years of refining our focus and honing our choice of suitable clones, site selection and vineyard and cellar practices we are reaping the rewards. "We always aim to capture the unique fruit characteristics of each variety. It’s our goal to ensure the ultimate in elegance and finesse,” explains Pieter.

The search for the quintessential Cap Classique propels our passionate band of bubbly alchemists forward as we continue to follow our calling and hone our craft...

In Good Company
Inspired by our fans, far and wide

Our Cap Classique range continues to notch up numerous awards both locally and internationally. Wine critics have compared our MCC’s to the greats of the international wine arena – praise we’re justifiably proud of. This recognition only encourages us to strive for even loftier levels of world class excellence.

Further proof of these wines’ global following is their popularity amongst iconic world figures. From Madiba magic to Obama mania these two illustrious statesmen both celebrated history in the making with none other than Graham Beck Cap Classique. It was the official celebratory drink at Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as South Africa’s first democratically elected State President in 1994.

When Barack Obama was nominated as his party’s presidential candidate in November 2008, he and Michelle Obama celebrated with Graham Beck Brut NV at their home in Chicago. Michelle, who had regularly enjoyed the Brut NV at her favourite restaurant with friends, ordered a case for the private post-nomination party.

More recently the Blanc de Blancs was served at the Swedish Royal Wedding, while Britain’s Prince Harry and his guests also enjoyed Graham Beck Brut at a 2013 fund-raising Gala Dinner in Johannesburg to toast the Prince’s Sentebale charity initiative. In June this year the Brut made a special guest appearance at a quintessential Irish pub lunch for Michelle Obama, her daughters and legendary Irish rock band U2’s front man Bono & his wife, Ali.

Seven unique wines, one overwhelming desire for excellence
Introducing the Graham Beck Cap Classique Portfolio

The Graham Beck Cap Classique Portfolio consists of three ranges: the Non Vintage collection (Brut NV, Brut Rosé NV and Bliss Demi-Sec NV), the Vintage Collection (Blanc de Blancs, Brut Rosé and Brut Zero) and the Prestige Collection (Cuvée Clive). This meticulously structured three-tiered approach emulates that of the famous French Champagne Houses – further evidence that Graham Beck Wines is infinitely capable of keeping such hallowed company.

Each exquisitely crafted wine is unique in both its style and individual characteristics, demonstrating our unwavering passion and dedication in the creation of sparkling wines which define class, sophistication, timelessness and superb quality.

These seven MCC’s also embody the rewarding versatility and extensive appeal of the portfolio – with a wine to complement every mood, occasion, dish and desire. The subtle nuances and complex flavour and aroma spectrum cater for a wide range of tastes – yet in every sip the Graham Beck golden thread of consistency, elegance and finesse continues to seduce and delight wine lovers across the globe.