Kanu Newsletter: June 2013 - For the Love of Shiraz

Sunday, 30 June, 2013
Kanu Wines
Whenever it rains, I love being at work. My office is the cosiest, warmest places I know. My colleagues love tea and coffee, which means that there is a constant flow of warm drinks coming our way. The rain has a soothing effect, as it patters on the tin roof just above my head.
It does not matter how much work I have. With the black Kanu-embroided blanket on my legs, I can only sigh. Bliss!

May finished off with the Kaya FM Wine and Whiskey tasting, which sadly only took place after my last newsletter was sent. The famous wine club, The Wade Bales Wine Society, were the organising team behind the event, which took place in the new Sandton Convention Centre. Known as the Johannesburg wine event of the year, it did not let clients down. A fabulous night of Food, Wine, Whiskey and Kanu is proud to have been part of it! Read more here.

June kicked off with the Old Mutual Wine Trophy Show public tasting, where we showed off our Kanu Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 2011. This feminine Chardonnay is only lightly wooded, receiving a well-deserved Silver medal as reward. Read more about the Old Mutual Wine Trophy show here.

Harry Horn, one Kanu Marketing manager you met in the February newsletter, spent a week this month in Mauritius visiting our distributor EC Oxenham, among other things. I believe the beach was also involved. I am sooo jealous. I could definitely do with a weekend (or so) filled with wasteful hours on the beach drinking cocktails… Not that I am complaining about winter #JustSaying. Go read more about his time spent at the amazing EC Oxenham headquarters here. It is an impressive organisation!

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