Wine Critic’s Choice

Tuesday, 25 June, 2013
Melvyn Minnaar
As complement to ‘Critic’s Choice’, Melvyn Minnaar, art and wine writer, is organising the first ‘Wine Critic’s Choice’ event. He has invited a number of the country’s top wine judges and commentators to select one wine to be presented at a fundraising tasting at the gallery on Wednesday, June 26 at 18:00.
The idea is that these wine experts nominate wines that they believe has the same impact as the artwork chosen for the exhibition by art critics. Winemakers and wine critics will be present to engage with patrons.

Funds will be raised from tasting vouchers, to be sold before and at the event. In addition a raffle for a case of all the wines will be held. There is no charge for entrance, but bookings are important. Tasting vouchers are needed to try the wines.

The following wine critics are offering their choices: Winifred Bowman, Christian Eedes, Michael Fridjhon, Dave Hughes, Higgo Jacobs, Tim James, Angela Lloyd, Len Maseko, Neil Pendock and Myrna Robins.

Critics have been asked to be adventurous. Surprise adds to the fun. Each critic has been asked to write a motivation.

Some of the chosen wines: Anatu Fugue 2010, Delaire Graff Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Reserve 2011, Botanica Chenin Blanc 2012, De Krans Cape Tawny Port,Lammershoek LAM Shiraz 2012, Mount Abora Saffraan Cinsaut 2012, Nederburg Ingenuity White 2011, Stonehill Rosé 2012 and The Fledge & Co Pinot Noir 2011.

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