Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre

Monday, 1 July, 2013
The Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre's primary focus is to address the training needs of people in rural communities.
An initiative designed with the community at heart - a force for good in the Langeberg municipality area.

The Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre's focuses its energy on looking the needs of people in rural communities and how training can help them. It's an investment of skills and time and the Skills Centre  acts mainly as a facilitating body, matching training supply with demand, and by providing a world-class training venue and facilities.

The core priorities of the Skills Centre are to:

Provide quality infrastructure for education and skills training to all economic sectors.
Facilitate scarce and critical training programmes (tasks include needs establishment, identification of service providers, planning, matching, and quality assurance of accredited service providers).
Utilise all possible funding opportunities to provide cost effective programme to the community.
Ensure that activities lead to growth and development of human resources in the geographic area.

Services delivered are:

The facilitation of training programmes by accredited service providers
The analysing and addressing of training needs specific to the area
The renting out of Conferencing facilities

The Centre ensures the development needs of the area are met through:

An holistic approach towards the development of a person
The delivering of training services based on factual needs
Using the best, preferably accredited, service providers;
Creating solid partnerships with suppliers, collaborators, sponsors  and clients;
Ensuring dynamic, effective, flexible, responsive, and transparent management;
Obtaining the buy-in of most important stakeholders;
Building a solid reputation known for delivery, and sound values and ethics;
Ensuring visible and measurable success resulting in a ripple effect throughout the community.

The Skills Centre’s strategy is depicted into the following 3 areas:

(i)    Project Manage Special Needs

The main focus of this area is to project manage and pilot new developmental programmes to address needs in education, community development and sector specific and/or geographical related needs.
(ii)    Skills delivery & Seminars

The main focus here is to establish strategic partnerships with various role players and stakeholders in order to ensure the delivery of skills in line with industry scarce and critical skills needs.

(iii)    Conferences & Events

The main focus of this pillar is to ensure income generated activities in order to rent a world class facility to its full capacity.

The centre is a great venue for team building activities and there are numerous courses happening onsite.

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