Villiera Wines Newsletter - Winter 2013

Wednesday, 5 June, 2013
Villiera Wines
The harvest is over and we are now into the tasting and blending phase. It is an exciting time and we assume some of you may be jealous. Tasting 50 to 60 wines in a session is tough, but somebody has to do it. When determining our blends we look at wines in detail to avoid missing an opportunity to improve.
Our big clients like Woolworths and Marks and Spencer involve themselves in the blending of the wines produced for them. For the Villiera range we make the blending decisions and trust that you look forward to each new vintage.
Bottling is just around the corner and then selling of the new vintage begins. Containers to the Northern Hemisphere have to leave in time for their summer season and we are expecting a busy time in June and July.
In South Africa we are heading into winter which is automatically a quiet time. On top of this the new proposed liquor laws have left South African wine lovers in a state of shock, but we’ll get over it and realise that the restrictions are not significant. Life goes on and a good bottle of bubbly or wine can only enhance our lives.
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