Thursday, 6 June, 2013
Top 100 SA Wines
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The Top 100 team were thrilled when Wine-Searcher chose to feature two of the latest articles scribed by the 2013 Top 100 Challenge judges. Equally positive was to feature the Top 100 SA Wines brand with hyperlinks to the latest edition Top 100 eBook. The key piece of news for winning wineries is that their Top 100 and other wines are now easier for consumers to find and buy. This pattern is accelerating in different countries as more search engines now aim at than ever.

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South Africa: Winemaking on the Edge

In these excerpts from an article, "Top 100 South African Wines 2013,",  which was posted on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 on, judges Tim Atkin MW and Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright consider the state of the country's wine industry.

Tim Atkin, MW

“South African wine is often described, not least by the people who make it, as 'a cross between the Old and New Worlds.' It’s a huge generalization, partly because it’s become increasingly difficult to divide the vinous globe in two. Tasmania's climate arguably has more in common with [continue]
Jenny Ratcliffe-Wright, CWM
“For many years, South Africans have been interested in drinking their white wines exceptionally young. In fact, many people feel that if sauvignon blancs are not consumed within 12 months of production, they are over the hill, even though they do, in fact, have the ability to age. But [continue]
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