Winexpo China 2013: focuses on healthy and high-quality life

Wednesday, 15 May, 2013
Wineexpo China 2013
Nowadays, people pay much attention to health and pursue a high-quality life. More and more people like nature and organic products, so as to wine.
The consumption of organic wine in European market increases dramatically. Spain is one of the most important organic wine producing countries in European, the planting area of organic wine increased 3 times compared with 2010, and reaches 54,000 hectare.

German is one of the earliest countries in producing organic wine, and start to produce organic wine 30 years ago.

Organic wineries in France accounts for 6% of the whole. Among these,  Languedoc Rousaillon is the largest plant area, reaches nearly 12,600 hectare.

Organic wine in Italian also increases quickly. It increased 6% compared with 2008 and has an area of 42,700 hectare.

In addition, New Zealand also catches up the pace of this trend. Their goal is to enlarge their organic wine planting area into 20% of the whole planting area. 

The organic wine produced in European countries mainly distributed to other countries through agents and importers, and China is one of the biggest consumption countries. With the trend of organic wine, more and more wineries pay attention to organic wine market.

Chinese people nowadays pay more attention to food safety and favor organic products very much, but in domestic wine market, organic wine is not well developed. Few wine companies in China get the organic certification. In order to be more competitive in wine market and fit consumers’ needs, it is advisable that companies change their marketing strategy.

Winexpo China 2013 catches the pace of the trend of wine market and is a good opportunity for wineries to introduce their new products. 

Organic wines
Organic wines

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