Shine bright like a Diamond

Monday, 13 May, 2013
Shante Hutton,
If driveways could speak, pulling into Delaire Graff would echo the deep rich voice of James Earl Jones saying ‘Welcome to paradise, we’ve been expecting you.’
The view is majestic and almost unreal, a perfect backdrop of the Helshoogte mountains and vineyards which can be seen from the main restaurant that's headed-up by executive chef Christian Campbell, who has a penchant for organic, sustainable and locally-farmed produce.

The estate, acquired in 2003, is the vision of Lawrence Graff, Chairman of Graff Diamonds International and keen art collector. Every detail is meticulously designed and set-apart from anything you have seen before but far from being cold and untouchable, passion plays the part of the minister in marrying art, luxury, food, wine and experience together in a way that is inviting and breath-taking.

Taking freely from their own words, “Delaire Graff Estate aims for red wines that are big in structure with soft tannins and elegance, and white wines which capture the freshness of the harvest. With one of the most advanced cellars in the Southern Hemisphere, which became operational in 2008, in just three years the Estate can be comfortably rated as one of the top ten wine producers in South Africa.” But far from making them complacent, Morné Very, the winemaker at Delaire Graff, is constantly looking at ways to further develop their wine offerings.

For some culinary delights at the Delaire Graff restaurant, it’s difficult to choose just one item off the menu but the waiters are on hand to assist with their most popular dishes as well as information on where each ingredient was farmed. They have one of the most extensive wine lists of any restaurant and they make divine chocolate macarons. Their take on fish and chips, using Heston Blumenthal’s thrice cooked fries, is yummy and watching the furling amber leaves of autumn whilst sipping on Chenin Blanc is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

So inspired by their thrice cooked fries, that once home, I donned an apron, keen to impart my new cooking knowledge onto my husband. Three hours later, and whilst they tasted very nice, nothing can really match that view nor the fact that I didn’t have to clean the kitchen afterwards.