Bieber fever hits Pebbles Project

Tuesday, 23 April, 2013
Sophia Warner
Two tickets for the Cape Town Justin Bieber concert were donated to Pebbles by Jacques Dowd from CJP Chemicals and Pebbles held a competition to find a deserving winner.
Each of the Pebbles Grade 9 - Grade 12 After-School Club students were invited to submit an essay explaining why they should be chosen to win the two Justin Bieber tickets for the Cape Town show.

The winner had to prove that they deserved to win and also had to have the highest attendance rate in their club.
The winner is Ashwin Franse from Villiera After-School Club, who wrote that he wanted the tickets for his best friend Shani Kievets as she had carried a lot of pain and sadness since the death of her grandfather and that all he wanted was to see her smile again.

His thoughtfulness and compassion for someone else won the hearts of the judges and they organised a surprise announcement at his school on Friday to tell him the news.

Ashwin, Shani and the whole Pebbles team would like to thank Jacques from CJP Chemicals for making this all possible - a dream will come true for two youngsters because of your generosity.
For the win!
For the win!

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